Left?? Right?? Which way for India??

What suits for India - Liberal or Conservative or a mid way.

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Regionalism – Nitty Gritties

Somehow the idea of blind belief in regionalism is disturbing n disgusting to me. It's something that may affect the parent area/ country adversely. The tag of metropolitan area itself mean acceptance n imbibing of multi culture's.. ideas.. languages.. so on. There's nothing threatening to the locals in this idea as these are the magnetic… Continue reading Regionalism – Nitty Gritties

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Strikes – Whom to blame?? (Cauvery Dispute Bengaluru)

In the backdrop of horrifying cauvery riots SEP 2016, I Saw the Bengaluru that is dull n life less for the first time in the past 6 years. After 36 hrs of turmoil..fear.. confusion..pain.. suffering..people made a Beeline to very few shops to have basic provisions..treat the taste buds..to take a breath. Still basic necessities… Continue reading Strikes – Whom to blame?? (Cauvery Dispute Bengaluru)

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Women Empowerment – It is Possible (DANGAL)

"DANGAL" the movie that far surpassed the traditional limitations of female gender. No where I could feel awe that a girl can prove herself much more than so called powerful /dominating male gender. It's so naturally possible for a girl to prove herself as for a boy. N when that happens the gap of gender… Continue reading Women Empowerment – It is Possible (DANGAL)

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Deadly Game with Nature

Right from the inception of Homo sapiens.. men are successful in tackling many hurdles in their evolution.. that start from wild animals.. diseases.. inherent cruelity.. religious autocracy.. invasions.. military wars.. world wars.. cold war.. economic melt down n so on. But this time it seems to be a big climax fight with the source (nature)… Continue reading Deadly Game with Nature

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The effect of disrupting future technologies

The ever growing pace of disrupting technologies potentital of affecting socio economic fabric sparing no country with developed one's having little advantage.  In the indian context with advanced higher education still a distant dream and a rotten education system till higher standards, has to face much harsher challenges. Future is not only going to be… Continue reading The effect of disrupting future technologies