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Regionalism – Nitty Gritties

Somehow the idea of blind belief in regionalism is disturbing n disgusting to me. It’s something that may affect the parent area/ country adversely.

The tag of metropolitan area itself mean acceptance n imbibing of multi culture’s.. ideas.. languages.. so on. There’s nothing threatening to the locals in this idea as these are the magnetic centers that pull in talent pool from across the country n creating vast growth opportunities for the home state. That’s the reason states organize grand investment meets of MNCs every now and then. N a city to become a metropolitan doesn’t happen overnight.. it’s the result of inclusiveness integrity respect perseverance shown by the home state. It comes with lot of sweat. But with a faulty idea of regionalism it can kill the beautiful built dream over night which itself is highly threatening to the so called regional supporters.

One need to recognise the fact the role of expats in reducing importance of the locals is highly miniscule. It’s the result of their own deeds. Afterall the expats are guests and I still feel that we in India are still not in a position on how to treat our guests. In fact the expats create a challenging space to the locals to improve upon their skills and attitudes.. 

while I do agree at times it becomes increasingly difficult for the locals to cope up with the expats and the basic livelihood itself becomes questionable. This is a completely different cup of tea and need to be addressed by legislation and governance. Thus it always remains a challenging act to the government to fine balance between the growth opportunities and building inherent capability.. else it shall lead to a popular unrest bringing in too many fringe elements utilising the just cause for personal benefits.

While the government should provide enabling environment, it’s also the responsibility of the locals to be aware of the growth opportunities and prepare themselves to tap it. Instead of blaming upon others work hard.. let your hard work speak to the world.. innovate.. own n promote your own culture.. bring back the lost jewels of the culture.. ofcourse all with a sense of inclusiveness n not with enmity for others.. respect is always earned and not given or taken. Let the expats fall in love with your local culture.. that’s only going to create wide growth avenues. 

Finally I would conclude BELIVE IN YOURSELF N NEVER FORGET OUR ROOTS OF INDIA – ATHITHI DEVO BHAVA. don’t fall prey to nasty politics. Politics should fall prey to our needs.


One thought on “Regionalism – Nitty Gritties

  1. Well said Srinu.

    No one will heartfully allow others, making their own survival difficult , unless there is no other go.

    But Hosts need understand one thing clearly that ..expats and locals has put an equal effort in creating the new opportunities.

    That is enough to show that they both make an excellent sustainable combo.


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