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Strikes – Whom to blame?? (Cauvery Dispute Bengaluru)

In the backdrop of horrifying cauvery riots SEP 2016, I Saw the Bengaluru that is dull n life less for the first time in the past 6 years. After 36 hrs of turmoil..fear.. confusion..pain.. suffering..people made a Beeline to very few shops to have basic provisions..treat the taste take a breath. Still basic necessities still remain far sighted.

When the govt becomes lethargic..unplanned.. blind eyed to the basic problems of its citizens, people doesn’t have any option except to pressurise n wake up the govt. But is violence.. bandh.. hartal.. are the only ways to get things done?? Ofcourse it is when we were ruled by imperial powers with a profiteering motive. Oppression and suppression of facts shall become the rule of law.

But after 69 years of independence if the citizens has to come on roads for a perpetuating problem there’s something wrong in conducting our business. It has become a regular affair for our governments to wake up only when some one dies.. someone strips n stands nude.. some one creates violence.. someone brings the basic life standstill.. someone crippling the economy. While these things helps in moving the government it also provides space for undue elements to take the advantage of situation for personal gains and affecting many.

So who need to change?? It’s both the govt first and the citizens behaving in a responsible manner. But is it possible in a country like India.. When problems continue to be there and the perception of govt/citizens unchanged we are bound to face these type of situations. 

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