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Women Empowerment – It is Possible (DANGAL)

“DANGAL” the movie that far surpassed the traditional limitations of female gender. No where I could feel awe that a girl can prove herself much more than so called powerful /dominating male gender. It’s so naturally possible for a girl to prove herself as for a boy. N when that happens the gap of gender difference disappears.

 In Dangal, the girls are not seen as weak.. Subservient.. Bodily Gender but strong will powered intelligent women. 

That’s what happened in DANGAL. Immense positive vibes of what a girl can do naturally filled the heart with happiness. The feeling among most of the Indians that a girl is supposed to be at home.. PhD in kitchen chores.. Marriage.. Kids.. upbringing of family.. Being seen as a bodily object should have a serious relook. We framed the society so well that most of the gals themselves believe that this is what they are meant for.

The movie brought one more fact of the country being filled with wrong people at wrong places for wrong reasons in all crucial positions.. Be it politics beaurocracy govt psu sports Academy.. There’s no surprise why a country with 1.26 billion people could not contribute much in sports education research development.


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