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Human Suffering and the Discriminated Society

The theme has been running on my mind for quite some time from some of the incidents I came across.

  1. The incidences of caste based differences and discrimination
  2. The feeling of hyper possession between couples.
  3. The selfish cause for thyself and family which keeps even siblings and parents apart.
  4. The jealousy among siblings even for trivial matters

All above gives an indication of discrimination of self and towards others. In fact if we look critically the scope of discrimination in society is limitless. It is in everybody and everything that has grown out of insecurity of various aspects. We are too cautious that we do not want to lose anything that we have. Finally we are left with very few who are open and JUST. Most of the times we are left with alone whom we can trust and believe. This is the reason why most of the people are psychologically sick not necessarily taking the help of a psychiatrist. Some of the indications that humans face in a discriminated society are

  • We are pointless and blank at times
  • We are forced to manage day to day life through our well cultivated acting skills of fake smile-fake reception-fake trust irrespective of our inner voice.
  • Whoever doesn’t fall into such socially accepted ambit is excluded in a conservative society.
  • For a common person to experience the real happiness there are only two ways either become a YOGI or go MAD. Else manage in between with god given intelligence and acting skills.

I always wondered how the society would be if at all the inherent gene of discrimination is not there and there is just acceptance and expression. Such behavior in the species with limitless potential would be miraculous. May be then we would be experiencing the unseen unheard 3 letter word GOD.

The Genesis of the Discrimination

Life is nothing but a chemical composition made out of the phenomena better explained by the big Bang theory and the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin. Over a period of time Life species had organized themselves to better safeguard from natural and external eventualities.

Now let us talk in the context of the most celebrated species – Human beings (Are we?? Answer is with us). Obviously, with the intelligence we have, we left no card open and went on to an extreme level of organization of society that ended up in forced living within the so called moral boundaries set by society. Life is thus systematically pushed into a closed room of four walls. We can experience this right from childhood where we are told to respect elders without knowing why to respect, we are forced to face the life questions of pass & fail, study subjects which we even don’t know what for we are studying, we are forced to believe love happens only with one and will be there for life time (In Hindu society it is even believed for next 7 births), forced to do monotonous work for the life time without giving a damn if we are enjoying it.

We compromised in many ways. We cheated ourselves in the attempts to follow the well written rules of society.

Finally the question of did I have a complete life comes with us till the death bed and finally get merged with Mother Earth without finding an answer. I really pity our species for the intelligence we have and we make everything out of it without experiencing the real kick of having life.

As OSHO says, to know what is life let the new born child be not brought up by family. Let the society take care of it. Let the child grow without the limitations of bondages and boundaries. Let him be a free bird. Let him know he has wings and can fly high. Let him love whatever connects him.

While with our orthodox minds, we can give hell number of reasons behind the rationality in the structure of society. But, the truth of discriminating others and discriminating ourselves remains. While we cannot change the world, we should be life conscious and make best out of the worst. It is possible to turn into a beautiful life. 

In fact great revolutionaries, nationalists, philosophers, global citizens lived their life beyond the conventional rules set by society. With such life came out something something worthwhile to the humankind. These souls finally left the body effortless.. regretless.. fearless and made a journey into the next form of creation. It happened just because they lived life at their will and not at the will of others. 

I would conclude with the words of my GURU – SADHGURU

“We are talking about shifting from psychological to existential. Life is about the creation that is here, knowing it absolutely and experiencing it the way it is; not distorting it the way you want.If you want to move into existential reality, to put it very simply, you just have to see that what you think is not important, what you feel is not important. What you think has nothing to do with reality. It has no great relevance to life. It is just chattering away with nonsense that you have gathered from somewhere else. 

Suffering is not showered upon us, it is manufactured. And the manufacturing unit is in your mind. It is time to shut down the manufacturing unit. “


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