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A sugar coated BITTER TRUTH

At the outset, i would clarify i do not belong to any particular party or ideology. My intuitions into the issue comes from the welfare of commons and holistic development ambitions of the country.

When the NDA came to power under Mr. Narendra Modi with a astounding majority, i felt assured of a stable government like most of the countrymen. But then, the question arises for whom does the stability mean here??

The tempo of NDA government seems to be concentrated at strengthening the crumbling institutions and economic development measures at a rapid pace which seems to be justified to some extent (Not necessarily reasonable). Most of the times i feel the policies are driven at concluding the hidden agenda. Of course, which is also the open agenda of the right wing being carried away from decades. But India is a complex country with strong democratic roots that didn’t allow perpetuation of a particular ideology that could favor some. But today the case is different, the democratic methods to correct the situation are losing their ardour with the weak opposition, paid media propaganda that is hindering a real democratic constitutional debate on pros and cons of various government policies.

With this background i would like to 3 policies of the government that has a bitter taste at the core:

The truth of growing sickness of PSUs and Govt Business agencies: The government is very clear on the issue. “The government do not have any business to be in the business”. While the sentence looks good at the surface level, the same is not all sweet. The PSUs are created as temples of modern India by the Socialist flag bearer Sh. Jawaharlal Nehru. It has twin objectives, to create self sufficiency in the core industrial sectors for India and to fasten the Social Security. While the Modi government  can justify privatization and globalization for a faster economic growth under the pretense of more or less achievement of primary objective. The policy of negligence of PSUs and stake sale/ closure/ Privatization can never be justified from the social security point of view. It has the following repercussions.

  1. The death of PSUs are going to end the regime of reservations for the depressed sections and leave them to compete for private jobs that call for metropolitan skills hardly available to depressed and rural sections of the population. India has not reached to such a stage wherein it can dream of forgoing the social security measures.
  2. While i do agree the rapid economic development but not at the cost of a deliberate death of the PSUs. PSUs can be seen as a genuine partners in the development while providing a fair competitive environment. This needs institutional reforms for the PSUs to operate more efficiently. It should not be seen as a hindrance to the growth of private sector. While the deeds of government shows the opposite. Reliance becomes the key partner in the implementation of Rafale deal. Jio bets with a massive disruptive investments while BSNL struggles with day to day operations. China’s global 500 companies are majorly state owned.

The truth of skilling of India: The idea sounds great. I am also a product of Indian Education System and well aware of what skills it imparted to me. Skill India is a great ambition though incomplete or a biased thought. The government is in the process of creating atal tinkering labs, incubation centers, building entrepreneurship skills etc. But the same could be justifiable only if the reforms in the basic education level are taken up at double the pace. Else, it is only going to create a great divide between the skilled getting skilled and unskilled getting unskilled. This is since most of the govt/ aided/ local schools cannot afford even the basic amenties (Toilet) and how can they afford those hifi stuff of Skill India Mission. Yeah!! over and above these, the govt is on the spree of privatization and globalization depriving even the minuscule portion of government jobs to the depressed sections. In addition, this is going to give claws to the private institutions to squeeze the  blood of the common middle classes of India in the name of Skilling India.

The truth of generous attitude towards the depressed sections: The RSS/ Hardcore Hindu ideology tries to hold an upper hand by bringing the Sanatana Dharma to the forefront. Innumerable propaganda in media/ social media/ whatsapp can be seen to that extent. I am also a Hindu and believe in a rational Hindusim. There has been numerous reformist movements in the Hindu Culture itself fighting the inherent deficiencies (Which were hailed to be Sanatana Dharma) and keep up the righteous human values. It is of no surprise the origins of Buddhism, Jainism, Bhakti Movement, Lingayat community find in Hindusim. But what does Sanatana Dharma mean. The word has been used abusively very often for perpetuating various group objectives, the caste based hierarchy still being at the top of agenda. This is the reason, one can hardly find humanistic perceptions, annihilation of caste, brotherhood in letter and spirit in the Hindu Propaganda. This is also evident in the laxity/ hard stand shown by government in various dalit issues that stormed the country. The scenario in turn is being covered by nomination of Ramnath Kovind as president, community meals with dalits. For godsake, if one wants to show the brotherhood show it through marriage alliances instead of community meals (Which is a more divisive-depressing action and definitely not a symbol of brotherhood).

The farmers of the country standing naked in the nations capital is for sure a shame to the country. Instead of listening to the woes of farmers, the worry of govt on agricultural subsidies and increase in imports of various agricultural commodities is something inhumane.

While i do not say the policies are completely regressive in nature, but it is for sure a major diversion from the socialist principles with major benefits for few while starving the major chunk of the country. We cannot poison the weak and give nutritious food to the strong. That’s not a human being is expected to do. India is still a country with majority being rural population and many still facing the wrath of age old social problems. We cannot use the US formula of medicine for immediate economic development. A conscious social angle has to be seen in every policy India adopts, else we are only going to create an unequal society that can only be corrected through a revolution. Telangana is one such state that got carved out of a struggle over inequality and hidden oppression.


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