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Regionalism and the fear of losing jobs

The increasing fear of jobs being taken by other states. The real problem behind it and the role of governments.

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Regionalism – Nitty Gritties

Somehow the idea of blind belief in regionalism is disturbing n disgusting to me. It's something that may affect the parent area/ country adversely. The tag of metropolitan area itself mean acceptance n imbibing of multi culture's.. ideas.. languages.. so on. There's nothing threatening to the locals in this idea as these are the magnetic… Continue reading Regionalism – Nitty Gritties

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Women Empowerment – It is Possible (DANGAL)

"DANGAL" the movie that far surpassed the traditional limitations of female gender. No where I could feel awe that a girl can prove herself much more than so called powerful /dominating male gender. It's so naturally possible for a girl to prove herself as for a boy. N when that happens the gap of gender… Continue reading Women Empowerment – It is Possible (DANGAL)

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The truth of Caste Identities in India

The caste systems finds its origin in varnashrama dharma.. and as per the commentaries of great philosophers on vedas. A person attains the qualification of a particular Varna based on the virtue that has been obtained by him. Thus VARNA is to be earned and not given or taken. As such a person exceptionally skilled… Continue reading The truth of Caste Identities in India