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The stumbling MODInomics

A brief excerpt on the working of MODInomics under NDA.


Rejuvenation of Ganga – A Life line for ages that is under THREAT

The importance of Ganga is much more than whosoever in whatever manner put in words. It is the second largest river basin in the world after Amazon and highly revered in Hindu spiritual texts for 1000s of years for its immense life supporting eco system. It has now become highly threatened river that is supposed… Continue reading Rejuvenation of Ganga – A Life line for ages that is under THREAT

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Regionalism – Nitty Gritties

Somehow the idea of blind belief in regionalism is disturbing n disgusting to me. It's something that may affect the parent area/ country adversely. The tag of metropolitan area itself mean acceptance n imbibing of multi culture's.. ideas.. languages.. so on. There's nothing threatening to the locals in this idea as these are the magnetic… Continue reading Regionalism – Nitty Gritties

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Strikes – Whom to blame?? (Cauvery Dispute Bengaluru)

In the backdrop of horrifying cauvery riots SEP 2016, I Saw the Bengaluru that is dull n life less for the first time in the past 6 years. After 36 hrs of turmoil..fear.. confusion..pain.. suffering..people made a Beeline to very few shops to have basic provisions..treat the taste take a breath. Still basic necessities… Continue reading Strikes – Whom to blame?? (Cauvery Dispute Bengaluru)